2023 March 05

2023 March 05

March 4, 2023 0 By observer from space

A Top Chinese official ( Wang Chao) announced that an increase in the military budget is necessary.

Sign: The tension between the US and China is getting heated.


In the US, a new law can disallow companies from investing in some sectors of unfriendly countries to minimize their national security risks.

Sign: The US is putting pressure on China through economic sanctions.


Honda will use solid-state batteries on their EV products. They plan to begin their EV model as a luxury model to redeem the cost.

Sign: EV market is getting intense.

Even after the multiple sanctions applied by EU and G7 countries, Russia still imports advanced chips and circuits used for weapons via thrid countries like Turkey, UAE, and Kazakhstan. Russia is also getting help from China.

Sign: the sanction is not working well.